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mind-melding, polyrhythmic, chaotic vapor metal. a voyage into a world that welcomes you with open arms and then tears you apart from the inside. noise that is suffocating yet welcoming, alienating yet embracing.

an electronic black metal flavor added to an ambient vapordeath soundscape added to an ambient vapordeath soundscape added to an ambient vapordeath soundscape in a seemingly neverending wall of 13 minute noise metal.

high speed extreme metal percussion, heavily distorted electronic tremolo riffs, and acapella voice tracks looping and layering over themselves all at once, unifying their different sounds into an aural experience.


Alchemica -- a hyper-amplified series of a soft voice that grows in size, eventually devouring the world. in the wake of its destruction comes the echoes which foster a fresh new world to be born, only to be destroyed again as the cycle continues for all eternity.

Neoauralia Alchemica -- the melding of styles to generate a new aural experience. bringing new life and an experimental sense of unity to disparate sounds. a sense of discovery, pain, merciless aggression, somber monotony, beautiful victory, suffering that eventually leads to an end.

composed june 6 2015. un-produced 2-track demo.

original ambient soundscape by Iris Merril
"alchemy", from the album brainthief:

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Authorlyn-marie charlene excelsia


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